Waterjet boats

Multifunctional cabin boat for patrol, rescue and firefighting

Technical specifications

Design category B – (A)
Hull length 11.95 m
Length overall 12.65 m*
Width overall 3.62 m
Empty displacement 9800 kg*
Payload (people included) 1800 kg
Fuel tank 2 x 500 l Inox

*Depending on the configuration



Main Features

  • Hull and deck in GRP and vinylester resin with Kevlar layers, moulded in vacuum infusion
  • Short or long cabin in GRP
  • D shaped fender made of energy absorbing polyethylene foam encapsulated within a resilient polyurethane elastomer
  • Custom configurations on demand
  • Cabinets and storage for equipment
  • Air conditioning for functional room and pilot cabin
  • Self-draining deck



  • In-board marine Turbo Diesel engine– recommended power 2×450 hp (Max 2×600 hp) + waterjet propulsion, suitable for emergency operations in shallow waters and high maneuverability in narrow spaces
  • Marine Diesel engine with sterndrive or IPS – recommended power 2×400 hp (Max 2×600 hp) for high performances
  • Outboard engine 3×300 hp


**options available only for firefighting group of 4800 l/min

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3 October 2022

Harbour Tugboat

Port tugboat with carbon steel hull and superstructure. Equipped with certified tow bar and hydraulic crane.
9 January 2018

Rescue 750 Jet

Open boat with waterjet propulsion for medical rescue. With D-shaped Hypalon® fabric pneumatic fender or rigid foam fender.
6 January 2018

Stem Ten Pax

Boat for passenger transport, specific for movements in shallow water. With Hypalon® fabric pneumatic fender.
5 January 2018

Stem Ten

Open boat for patrol, rescue and fire-fighting. Ideal for emergencies in shallow water thanks to the low draught.
4 January 2018

Stem Ten Patrol

Cabin boat for patrol with custom-made equipment according to the intended use. With waterjet propulsion or propeller.
3 January 2018

Stem 12

High-performance multifunctional open boat for patrol, rescue and fire-fighting. The hull floats even in the presence of flat fenders.
2 January 2018

Stem 12 Ambulance

Cabin boat for rescue and medical transport. Specifically equipped for medical rescue and resuscitation.
1 January 2018

Stem 12 Fire Rescue

Multifunctional cabin boat for patrol, rescue and fire-fighting. With hull and deck in GRP with vinylester resin.