STEM boats offer a wide range of solutions in terms of fenders.
Each boat uses a dedicated solution optimized for the use required by the customer. Also the choice of materials and equipment is aimed at a marine use, for boats which work all year round in every weather condition.

Pneumatic O-Section Fenders

Full fenders offer an excellent protection in case of collision and a considerable reserve of buoyancy.
They are divided into various watertight sections equipped with metal inflation valves and overpressure relief valves and with rub rails along the outer edge, handles and rings for fixing for the boarded materials and they can be used as seats.

Pneumatic D-Section Half-Fenders

Ideal for work boats which need a protection against side collisions, but requiring wider spaces on the deck for crew activities.
Furthermore, they feature as reserve of buoyancy.

Foam-filled D-Section Fenders

They represent the ideal solution which combines high protection against collisions, wide spaces on deck, reserve of buoyancy also in case of damage and almost no need of maintenance.
They are manufactured from closed cell polyethylene foam, encapsulated within a high performance polyurethane elastomer skin.
They do not absorb water, are UV-resistant and dimensions can be customized according to request.