The choice of engine and propulsion depends on the intended use of the boat.
SOALS approved motors can also be installed upon request.
For rescue boats, STEM has specialized in the installation of Waterjet propulsion. Outboard or sterndrive motors can also be installed according to the specific customer needs.


Available for boats from 7,5 m. Combined with a diesel inboard motor, it is the ideal solution for victim recovery in waters with many floating debris or in shallow waters eliminating the risk of breakdown, unlike the version with propeller, due to the propulsion impact. It also guarantees excellent manoeuvrability with immediate accelerations and stops in narrow spaces and a great steering control when the boat is stationary, highly appreciated mainly in the versions with fire pump.

Stern Drive

Available for boats from 7,5 m. It is the most versatile inboard version and can be applied to all our hulls. Available with the best brand on the market with simple or double contra-rotating propeller.


Available for boats from 10 m, it is the cheapest inboard solution guaranteeing high reliability when the highest speed is not so important.


Available for RIB from 4,6 m to boats up to 12 m, it is the most appreciated option for the easy plant installation, now also availble with diesel engines.
The wide selection of brands for all powers available on the market allows us to offer our customers a considerable speed range, mainly for the largest boats, that can be installed in double, triple or quadruple configuration.