Stem Marine Boats

High performance work boats for patrol and rescue

Performing, high-speed and reliable, Stem Marine boats combine the highest level of quality and technology.

Port tugboat with carbon steel hull and superstructure. Equipped with certified tow bar and hydraulic crane.
Multifunctional cabin boat for patrol, rescue and fire-fighting. With hull and deck in GRP with vinylester resin.
Cabin boat for rescue and medical transport. Specifically equipped for medical rescue and resuscitation.
High-performance multifunctional open boat for patrol, rescue and fire-fighting. The hull floats even in the presence of flat fenders.
Cabin boat for patrol with custom-made equipment according to the intended use. With waterjet propulsion or propeller.
Open boat for patrol, rescue and fire-fighting. Ideal for emergencies in shallow water thanks to the low draught.
Boat for passenger transport, specific for movements in shallow water. With Hypalon® fabric pneumatic fender.
Battello open per pattugliamento 750 Patrol
Open boat for patrol with double outboard engine as a standard propulsion. Custom-made fitting according to the customer’s needs.
Open boat with waterjet propulsion for medical rescue. With D-shaped Hypalon® fabric pneumatic fender or rigid foam fender.
Shock-absorbing stretcher-support for nautical use, with self-adjusting hydro pneumatic suspension. It can absorb vertical and lateral shocks even at a high speed.
Sanitisation system generating a flow of ozone from air oxygen. It sanitizes the area without leaving chemical residues.