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Modular system for floating work and rescue platforms

Highly resistant, unsinkable, modular.

Tecnofloat® is an innovative system designed by STEM MARINE division to offer the possibility of an infinite variety of combinations for floating systems that share fundamental characteristics such as:
  • High structural resistance
  • Unsinkability due to complete separation of the floating modules
  • Modularity of the structural units with sizes starting from trailer sizes to larger dimensions for various uses such as floating laboratories with crew cabins
  • Flexibility of use through the implementation of accessories that enable support of very large loads without the need for changes in the basic structure
  • The patented Tecnofloat® system is constructed in a lightweight, highly resistant alloy that enables watertight modules to be joined together guaranteeing structural continuity. The special guide profile and fixing on four sides of each module make possible to insert the beams joining the modules, the handrails and the walking surface with the simple use of bolts
  • Tecnofloat® profile guides are designed for insertion of high-resistance plastic material, to facilitate sliding of the boat on abrasive surfaces and prevent wear of floating parts
  • Tecnofloat® profiles make possible to create boats with size, shape, draft and deck area to suit the specific needs of every single client
  • Thanks to its great versatility, our Tecnofloat® system can be used for motor applications as well as for floating platform purposes