Shock-absorbing stretcher support for nautical use with self-adjusting hydro pneumatic suspension

Mast 15
Mast 15
Mast 15
Mast 15
Mast 15
Mast 15

Technical specifications

Min. weight to be absorbed 10 kg
Max weight to be absorbed 400 kg
Adjustable heigh of the stretcher support tray during “rigid mode” Min. 320 mm
Max 920 mm
Power supply 12V DC
(24V upon request)
Max absorption during the loading
(20 sec max)
60 A
Absorption during the transport 2A
Weight 250 kg

Main Features

Shock-absorbing support for nautical-use stretchers, with self-adjusting hydro pneumatic suspension based on the patient's weight. Particularly recommended for high-speed boats, it can absorb shocks due to the impact with the waves with values up to 10 g.

MAST15 is the latest STEM achievement concerning the healthcare transport sector, as result of the long experience of STEM marine department in the nautical sector. The system is equipped with a hydraulic power unit, which adjusts the suspension according to the actual load to be damped.

The installation only requires an adequate structural fixing and a 12 V DC electrical connection.

MAST15 support has fixings points for medical equipment, such as defibrillator, lung ventilator, infusion pump, IV pole, etc., so these devices are protected from shocks, too.

MAST15 allows the loading of both road and basket stretchers.

You can lock the suspension in order to make cardiac massage and also during the stretcher loading with the possibility to adjust the stretcher tray height.

MAST15 has a diagonal rotation compared to the longitudinal axis of the boat, which allows you to place the support on both sides of the cabin and to load the stretcher by entering the rear door.